• Regarding What Members Say...
  • The Greeley Harmonix women's chorus is unique I. That we have singers of all ages and with varied musical backgrounds. Here's what some of our singers have to say about belonging to Greeley Harmonix and Sweet Adelines International.

    Tonya (busy mom of three); I stay for the music because I love to sing, I love how the chords go together, I love the sound of the music. I love the people and the friendships. Whether it's a chorus or quartet you can see the unity and chemistry, and you can hear it in the music.

    Patti (retired manager): I love to harmonize. I love the friendships that develop in a chorus like this and that is what brings me back every time. I like going to competition and putting all of our hard work out there and then getting the medals! Most of all, it's the bond that we all have and that's what makes it special.

    Shirley: I didn't know what to expect when I came in. I just enjoy singing. In the year I've been a member I've learned about breathing and vowels and how to blend and more. I also love the support, and mostly I love how it has helped my self-worth. It's why I keep comping back.

    Sarah (former music teacher, luthier): love the chords. The way the Barbershop chords are arranged and the way that the overtones are created and the way we sing with such close-textured music. It's just different from any other singing I've done. I love singing the seconds because you can feel them. I know that's a little funny, but that's what I love about Barbershop.

    Nichole (accountant): I love being with the chorus. I really like the continuous education we get. We can hear about something and it doesn't quite stick and then hear it six months later and all of a sudden it clicks. I think it's cool that our education is ever-evolving.

    Kathy C (RN): For me, it's about community and feeling like you're working toward a goal and then accomplishing something and feeling proud of what you've done. It's a way to have personal goals and be a part of something bigger.

    Joselyn (computer programmer): I've loved to sing since I was a little girl. After college I joined a chorus in Maryland. They were a friendly group of women and we performed once a month. When I moved to Greeley I needed a new chorus. This is a good, friendly group to be with, where I can sing, perform and go to competition.

    Kathy S (retired speech pathologist): To begin with, music feeds my soul, literally. So, to do it together with people just multiplies that feeling. I had no idea what Barbershop was when I joined, so I've learned and learned and learned. When we make those chords ring it's thrilling. Competition is part of Sweet Adelines but not the only thing and I love it all – including the people!

    Brigit (former music teacher): I got into Barbershop at the end of middle school and high school. I liked the singing, the performing and being animated on stage. Barbershop fosters my love of performing. I also like the pure aspect of Barbershop harmony. It's all a cappella and it takes a certain something special to get that lock and ring. Ringing chords in Barbershop is very unique and you don't get the same feeling in other singing. As an adult, I also enjoy the community. I appreciate the pride everyone has in the Greeley Harmonix chorus. We don't just get together to sing, we get together to sing really well.

    Priscilla (retired RN): The blend required for Barbershop chords is spine tingling. That feeling has never gotten old or gone away. The chord structures just hit me. What I feel is the happiness chemicals being shot into my bloodstream. It's a very physical thing. More power to me – and this fantastic group of women.

    Have you noticed a theme or two? Education, ringing chords, pride, camaraderie and lasting friendships. That's what Greeley Harmonix means to us. Get involved with us and discover your own reasons for loving this Barbershop harmony thing we do.

    Submissions edited for length and/or clarity.