We sing four part a cappella harmony primarily in the barbershop style. We are members of Sweet Adelines International.

Primary singing requirements are that you are able to 1) maintain pitch, 2) sing correct notes and words from memory, and 3) sing your part independently with the three other voice parts.

Audition Process
You attend at least three rehearsals. During this time your membership in the chorus and Sweet Adelines will be discussed with you prior to auditioning. Your section leader or the director lets you know which song to prepare for the audition.

1.    You sing the audition song from memory in a quartet before the director and chapter team coordinator.
3.    You may have someone singing your part with you to begin.
4.    Be prepared to sing the song more than once. 

5.    You will be notified if you passed the audition by the following day. At that time
 membership requirements will be reviewed with you and you will be provided with a membership application to Sweet Adelines.