Frequently Asked Questions

How do I audition?
It's very simple.  You begin attending rehearsals. You learn one song, which will be provided to you. When you can sing that song without the music (i.e. memorized) you inform the music director or the membership chair.  You then stay a little later after a predetermined rehearsal and sing that song with four other voices, including one that sings with you, if you want.  During the audition, the music director listens for accuracy, intonation (pitch) and whether or not you can stay on your part.  You will be notified the next day if you passed. If you need to try again that's ok. The music director will give you a few things to work on and set up another audition (same process) usually within two weeks.

How much personal time will it take?
We don't have attendance requirements other than we want every singer at six to eight rehearsals before major performances, including competition. We believe your enjoyment you  get out of the chorus is directly related to what you put into it.  We do move at a fast pace, so taking time to practice on your own is important.  We know you'll love singing with us! The time you spend will be an investment in a hobby to last a lifetime.

We have Monday night weekly rehearsals throughout the year.  We often have Saturday morning small-group sessions (we call SASS) for any singer who wants more focused practice time with our music director.  Completely optional, SASS is usually from 10-Noon and announced on a weekly basis.

We also have all-day rehearsal sessions, usually twice each year, when we work with an outside coach who helps us hone our ensemble skills.  Again, these are announced well in advance and attendance is expected..

If you've ever taken piano lessons or learned a musical instrument - or played sports - then you know how much more quickly you improve with practice. Investing as little as 15 minutes a day or dedicating specific practice times several  a week will really enhance your enjoyment of the chorus.  We ecourage you to set a practice schedule and make it a part of your routine (a good role model if you have children!). 

We love to sing for others!  It's probably the main reason we join Greeley Harmonix (besides the friendships!).

We have two annual events:
"Sparkle!" Christmas Concert and Silent Auction.  Sparkle is the second Saturday in December and our primary - and largest - fundraiser.  It's a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the holiday season. Historially it has been held at the Greeley Country Club.

Sweet Adelines Regional Competition and Convention held annually each spring. This event involves a Friday and Saturday night stay at a predetermined location (usually within a day's driving distance). It is a fantastic weekend of musical camaraderie with your Greeley Harmonix sisters as well as a singing competition with the other Sweet Adelines choruses and quartets in our eight-state region.  Greeley Harmonix works toward this event almost year-long and we look forward to attending this music-filled weekend with other Sweet Adelines who love singing as much as we do!

In addition to these two scheduled events, on average we book three paid performances throughout the year for various private and civic organizations and we donate performances to the community.

What is the cost?
After completing the audition you are eligible for membership. The one-time initial dues for both Sweet Adelines International and Rocky Mountain Region 8 (our region) will be $230.

After that, International and Regional dues are escrowed each month for the following year and are included in the monthly dues of around $40. The remainder that is not escrowed for International and Regional dues goes back to the chorus to pay for rehearsal rental, chorus costumes, music purchases, coaching, the music director's stipend and other fixed expenses.

Don't let finances keep you from joining this great organization! Payment plans are available so don't hestiate to  talk to our Finance Manager.

If you are 25 years old or younger International and Regional dues are reduced. Talk to our Finance Manager for more details.

Do I have to be an experienced singer?
Not necessarily.  You need to be able to learn your notes accurately, hold pitch and sing your part independently (probably much like you did in high school or college choir). 

Our music director is educated in vocal pedagogy and vocal instruction is an integral part of each rehearsal.  The longer you sing with us, the more your voice will strengthen and your confidence will increase.

If you are an experienced singer you'll find a cappella singing as challenging as any other genre - maybe even more so! Certainly, singing a cappella can help develop your "musical ear" in a way that will make you a better singer and musician for any other vocal genre. 

Do I have to be able to read music? 
Reading music (i.e. following the notes/interval on the staves) is certainly very helpful but not a requirement.

The music director provides a calendar as well as a weekly rehearsal schedule via email to help you prepare in advance for each rehearsal.

Singers are expected to come to rehearsals knowing notes and lyrics; therefore, we provide sheet music and audio learning files that you can download from our members-only website to use for practice outside regular rehearsals.

You also are encouraged to record rehearsals so you have another practice tool available during the week.  Most smartphones have an internal recorder or you can download a smartphone recorder app for little or no cost.

We usually have our songs off paper (memorized) in about three to four rehearsals. Depending on the complexity of the song we make take a little longer. With rehearsals, personal practice and recordings we're usually ready by then.