Frequently Asked Questions

How do I audition?
It's very simple.  Attend a least three rehearsals. Learn one repertoire song (memorized). . Inform the music director or the membership chair to schedule the adition.  After rehearsal, you will sing your song with four other parts. The music director will listen to the audition to determine if you pass. You will be notified the next day if you passed. If you did not pass you may try again.  The music director will give you a few things to work on and set up another audition (same process) within two weeks.

What is required to pass an audition? 
Basic requirements are: you must be able to learn music, sing accurate notes and intervals, and tune with other singers. 

What are the attendance requirements?
We do rehearse year-round. Because of this, the only attendance requirement is eight rehearsals before the major performances listed below. If you are unable to attend all eight rehearsals it will be at the discretion of the music director to determine if you will perform with the chorus. 

How much time will it take to be in Greeley Harmonix?
Rehearsals are for ensemble work.  We do spend two rehearsals learning notes on a new song but after that each singer is expected to practice music outside of rehearsal and get it memorized as quickly qas possible.  Learning tracks often are provided and recording rehearsals weekly is encouraged so you can keep up with any interpretation changes. 

We usually have our songs off paper (memorized) in about three to four rehearsals, depending on the complexity of the song. With rehearsals, personal practice and learning tracks you will be successful learning our repertoire!  

We rehearsal each Monday night throughout the year except on holidays that fall on a Monday and the two or three rehearsals between our Christmas concert and New Year's. 

At times we may have all-day Saturday rehearsal sessions when we work with an outside coach who helps us hone our ensemble skills.  These are announced well in advance and attendance is expected.

Consistency is the key to success in any endeavor! Set up your own personal practice schedule and stick to it.  This is your time, so protect it from outside interruptions! By investing as little as 15 minutes a day you will keep up with repertoire and your voice will develop.  

Many times a part section will hold an extra rehearsal during the week.  Your section leader will let you know about any of these rehearsals. Attendance is encouraged. 

We have two to three annual concerts.

"Sparkle!" Christmas Concert and Silent Auction. Held the second Saturday in December, this is our primary - and largest - fundraiser.  Participation is expected. 

Sweet Adelines Regional Competition and Convention. Held annually each spring, this event involves a Friday and Saturday night stay at a predetermined location in our region.  Greeley Harmonix works toward this event almost year-long and we look forward to attending this music-filled weekend with other Sweet Adelines who love singing as much as we do! Participation is expected.

Fall Concert. We often schedule a fall concert held in September.  Participation is expected.

Community Performances.  We take pride in being a Greeley group and enjoy singing in Greeley and surrounding communities.  These can occur any time during the year and are scheduled depending on availability of voices.  Participation is encouraged.

What is the cost?
After completing the audition you are eligible for membership. The one-time initial dues for both Sweet Adelines International and Rocky Mountain Region 8 (our region) will be $230.

Don't let finances keep you from joining! We work with our singers and, if needed, have developed payment programs to reduce the impact of this lump sum amount.

After the initial lump sum dues, International and Regional dues are escrowed each month for the following year and are included in the monthly dues of around $43. The remainder that is not escrowed for International and Regional dues goes back to the chorus to pay for rehearsal space rental, chorus costumes, music purchases, coaching, the music director's stipend and other fixed expenses.

If you are 25 years old or younger International and Regional dues are reduced.

Talk to our Administrative Director for more details on any aspect of the financial commitment.

Do I have to be an experienced singer?
You need to be able to learn your notes accurately, hold pitch and sing your part independently (probably much like you did in high school or college choir). 

Our music director is an experienced voice teacher and vocal coach.  Vocal instruction is an integral part of each rehearsal.  The longer you sing with us, the more your voice will strengthen. If you are an experienced singer you'll find a cappella singing a unique challenge.  Certainly, singing a cappella can help develop your "musical ear" in a way that will make you a better singer and musician for any other vocal genre. 

Do I have to be able to read music? 
Reading music is helpful but not a requirement. We provide learning tracks and conduct Monday night section rehearsals to help you learn your music when a song is first introduced.  If you don't know how to read music, you will begin to learn by following your chart while listening to learning tracks and recorded rehearsals.  

Singers are expected to come to rehearsals knowing notes and lyrics.  You can download our sheet music and audio learning files from our members-only website to use for practice outside regular rehearsals.

We have to follow them! ALL of our music is copyright protected and we purchase it legally through authorized vendors. The cost of legal music copies is included in your dues.  Making unauthorized copies and/or sharing chorus music with others is prohibited by law.  Don't do it!

As mentioned above, you are encouraged to record rehearsals so you have another practice tool available during the week.  Most smartphones have an internal recorder or you can download a smartphone recorder app for little or no cost. This is for your personal use. Please don't post your recordings on social media because that is a copyright infringement.