About Greeley Harmonix

Women’s a cappella Chorus


Sing in a way that stirs emotions and memories.

Members of Greeley Harmonix encourage each other to accept the challenge of musical excellence through individual commitment, focused rehearsals, Sweet Adelines competition, and engaging community performances.

Bring joy through the transformative power of singing.


Greeley Harmonix is a place for women of all ages, all backgrounds, and all walks of life to sing together in harmony.  We enjoy a common love of singing four-part a cappella music, barbershop style.
Greeley Harmonix incorporates healthy vocal skills, always. Singing can last a lifetime so each rehearsal includes the application and reinforcement of healthy vocal techniques.
Greeley Harmonix singers choose personal responsibility. Opportunities abound for a fulfilling membership experience. As a vital member of the chorus, each singer takes ownership of her own experience and vocal growth.
Greeley Harmonix promotes positivity.  Harmonix rehearsals are a place where you can "leave your worries on the doorstep” and just enjoy singing together. 

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