Music Director

Julie Ann Palagi

Julie Ann Palagi has been directing in Sweet Adelines since she was only 29 years old. She is an experienced soloist, voice teacher, director and quartet singer, having won two Sweet Adelines regional championships with her quartet, Flashpoint!. 

Her music education includes 10 years of private piano study in her youth, 10 years private vocal study with Dr. Juliana Bishop Hoch, and graduate classes in vocal pedagogy at the University of Northern Colorado. She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and has a private studio in her home. Her lessons include the application of body mapping, Alexander Technique and inclusive attention with both her private students and in chorus rehearsals.  She also is a certified director in the Sweet Adelines International organization.

Before Greeley Harmonix, she was one of the founders of the Sweet Adelines Mountain Shadows Chorus in Greeley back in 1979. Later, Mountain Shadows merged with a Fort Collins Sweet Adelines chorus to become Centennial Blend chorus. Under her direction, Centennial Blend was the first Region 8 Division A chorus to go to the Sweet Adelines International Harmony Classic compeition in 2009, in Nashville, Tenn.  In 2010 she took a brief hiatus and returned to co-found the Sweet Adelines Greeley Harmonix chorus, which chartered in 2012.

Ms. Palagi’s passion for a cappella music is obvious in her animated, fast-paced rehearsals. She continually teaches vocal production techniques in rehearsals and encourages each singer to learn about her own voice to be able to sing to her fullest  Ms. Palagi believes confidence is gained through achievement. Much is accomplished each week, and the pride and cameraderie among the singers is evident to anyone who joins a rehearsal or listens to a Greeley Harmonix performance.